Let me tell you a story.  One of the most important lessons I learned was on my first day of college and it wasn't in a classroom or on the lacrosse field.  It was during the first day of orientation at my dorm during a floor meeting with the RA.  To break the ice, the RA handed out otter pops to all of the new tenants of the South Tower.  The box of frozen treats started to disappear as it made its way around the circle as the new residents of the 10th floor seamlessly opened their otter pop.  For whatever reason I couldn't open mine to save my life.  Risking being embarrassed and socially outed by my new peers, I turn to an unfamiliar face to the right of me to ask my new neighbor for help.  My new friend happened to be a 6'3" hockey player from Canada who was missing his front teeth.  While staring at his half eaten otter pop, I asked him, “How'd you get that thing opened?”.  He looked at me with a stonewalled face while curling one of his eyebrows and replied back in a serious tone, " You gotta’ want it!”  Just like that.  My mind was blown.  The dots were connected. The secret to success was applicable to my entire life and a something I would try to pass onto every single player I coach.