Summer PASS - 2019


Summer Season Pass Info

During the Summer, Boom Town Lacrosse offers camps, clinics, and leagues.  Discounts are already offered to United families on some of the Boom Town Lacrosse programs when registering through the Denver United Lacrosse website. We want to take the discount one step further for our families to keep the kids playing lacrosse this Summer!  For reference, all of the available Boom Town Summer programs add up to $3,500 (7 Camps, 5 Clinics, 1 League).  With the Summer pass, you’re able to attend all of the Boom Town Lacrosse camps, clinics, and league. We’re in the process of trying to reserve fields to add additional programming such as 3X and Academy on Weekdays.  More to come regarding these additional United programs - which will be included in the Summer Pass - if I'm able to secure fields.

What is Boom Town Lacrosse?

To provide some background for those of you who are new to Denver United Lacrosse.  In addition to Denver United Lacrosse, we run a lacrosse company called Boom Town Lacrosse that offers camps, clinics, tournaments, and leagues.  As a member of Denver United Lacrosse, families already receive a discount on camp registration when registering through the Denver United Lacrosse Website and many of the programs our players participate in are run through Boom Town Lacrosse.  

Website Link: Boom Town Lacrosse

Summer Pass Info

  • Summer Season Pass - $495

  • Over 80 opportunities to play lacrosse! Choose from 7 Camps, 5 Clinics, and League.  

  • What if I already registered for Summer Lacrosse?  Contact me and we will prorate the difference.  

  • You get to come and go as you please.  For example, if you can only make one day of a camp, just come to that day.  

  • If you have multiple kids in the program and interested in the Season Pass, contact me.  

  • How to Register?  Please complete the registration online - Click Here.

  • You must register before May 15th. 

  • Only active Denver United Lacrosse participants are eligible for the Summer Pass.


Summer Pass Fee:




Summer Ballers

Camp Schedule

Clinic Schedule

Weekday Warriors



Rising 1st-6th Grade

(If you are new to lacrosse and younger, please feel free to contact me if you think this program would be appropriate)